LEAP’s aim is to provide options for children, youth, adults, and families whose needs are not being met in traditional therapeutic settings. We work independently or in collaboration with other providers to help their patients break through barriers and move on to their next level of treatment.

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy is especially helpful in working through the emotional roadblocks and issues experienced by abused and neglected children, troubled youths, and adults who have suffered emotional traumas or struggle with mental health difficulties.

The horse, being a highly sensitive social creature, gives immediate feedback to the patient about his or her behavior and feelings. Horses mirror the patients’ behavior. Negative approaches with the horse produces negative results and positive approaches produce positive, highly rewarding results. This feedback helps the patients discover effective ways of managing and overcoming challenges in their lives.

All LEAP sessions are conducted by a therapeutic team, consisting of a licensed mental health professional, a horse professional and one or more horses. All clinical staff members are certified by EAGALA. Click here to visit the EAGALA website.