Lowcountry Giving Day is your chance to help improve the lives in LEAP’s community by pledging your support.

Donate at text.gives/leap OR by texting 'leap' to 33923 OR http://www.lowcountrygivingday.org/ and search for LEAP, then make your pledge. The donation will be submitted electronically on May 3.

How LEAP helps:

A little boy was experiencing meltdowns at school that were so severe they resulted in restraints. Seeking help, the school contacted LEAP. Together with the school and the boy’s mother, LEAP worked diligently to provide equine-assisted psychotherapy while also seeking help from outside resources. With the additional assistance of Kiawah Cares, Carolina Children’s Charities and a pediatric psychiatrist, he was diagnosed and treated for severe ADHD. Upon further evaluation, it was discovered that he also needed glasses. Noticing processing difficulties in the equine sessions, LEAP recommended psychoeducational testing, and the little boy was found to have three Specific Learning Disorders. LEAP attended the resulting IEP meeting, and the little boy was placed in Special Education, where he received special resources to aid him in learning. No longer experiencing the frustration and hopelessness that he had formerly experienced in school, the melt downs went away, as he learned to apply himself and gained success. His mother recently e-mailed Dr. Broughan and reported that he had received an award at school for his outstanding motivation and achievement.

Whether a child in need, a Veteran with nowhere left to turn, or a victim of domestic violence or childhood abuse, LEAP is there to make a difference. Please support us on this Day of Giving.