Just Say Whoa To Bullying:

A unique equine-assisted therapy program designed for those who are struggling with bullying from others or with bullying behaviors of their own. Partnering with horses and incorporating the principles of positive behavior supports (PBIS), solution-focused sessions are tailored to create human-horse interaction and connection that allow clients to creatively solve problems and actively experiment in making new behavioral choices in a non-threatening environment. Ideal for children seven years or older, adolescents, and adults negatively challenged with their own bullying behavior or that of others.

Bullying Behavior Awareness and Education Program: an equine-assisted learning approach  designed to build awareness of bullying trends. Observing herd behavior, and interacting with our horses, participants become more aware of the dynamics of bullying behavior and how to better address it in their daily lives. This approach is offered individually or by group, and is designed to assist participants in gaining a deeper understanding of bullying behaviors, the consequences of the behaviors, and the development of problem solving techniques. Ideal for professionals, educators, parents, and any adults who regularly interface with individuals impacted by bullying.